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in large doses, are emetics. Those in most common use are ipeca-
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In the most favourable class of cases, recovery is generally slow,
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4. The Chest, and the Organs of Respiration and Cir-
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some of the features of progressive muscular ossification. This patho-
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fresh coagulable lymph, and this in its turn is organized so as to form
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limited to one spot, it is commonly attended with swelling. Caicses. —
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and drowsy, his spirits are depresssd, and he is observed to sigh
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Medical Association, examined as carefully as time and opportunity
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flammation, to produce a separation of the aphthje, and to heal the
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marked cerebral symptoms. Brain examined twelve hours after death,
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sions from a single series of investigations on the relative frequency
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the free circulation of the blood, especially diseases of the heart, lungs,
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profession, yet for strength, integrity, and precision in all the great
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from it. They are scattered more or less profusely over the trunk
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Anatomical Characters. — The kidneys generally larger than
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muscles takes place : but as there is a balance of strength in favour of
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The pathological changes met with in the liver of those who have
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by it ; by the difficulty, in pneumonia, of lying upon the affected side,
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and gangrene, it is placed in the second class, whilst congenital
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which ague sometimes degenerates, is that of those types themselves,
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the liver, spleen, and alimentary canal, which acted as poisons upon
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which he ceases to be dangerous to others, has not been ascertained.
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scuds of rain and mist. Exposure to this cool damp wind, fresh
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is mostly reduced in frequency, but seldom so low as in health ; the
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Ewald 3 who has proposed for this affection the designation anadenia
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fever patient brought from Norfolk by Dr. J. B. Read presented
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parilla, with a milk or vegetable diet, now and then removes a hectic
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the sulphate of magnesia in infusion of roses, with an excess of acid,
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or character of constitution of persons in whom the urine habitually
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the fact that the patient was under the action of stimulants at the
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and generally, by remedies which experience has shown to possess that
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examination yields somewhat equivocal results, owing to the distinct
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tuted. The following cases, in addition to the two just reported,
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occurred without purpura. In the remarkable family which I described
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laminated fibrinous coagula in the aorta, and Baillie" found fcwo
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the cereals would be more favorable to salubrity. If the vine, for


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