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tion of the several secretions and structm-es of the body, many ingre-

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Duration op the Paroxysm, &c. — The quotidian is most

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thirst, a quick and frequent pulse, headache, nausea, and a furred

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persons at different times, and it probably varies with age, sex, tem-

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tinct, and of a brown color. When the intestines were held up to

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ture of the extremities was reduced 9^ below that of health ; the

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sition, and continuing throughout the whole duration of the disease.

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a few months. The amount of albumin present varies from a well-

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phuric acid, added to warm urine, containing sugar or albumen, causes

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chemical change (oxygen), and thus furnish the conditions of an

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Treatment. — This must be regulated by the age of the patient

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make out, and attach thereto, a complete alphabetical index of the same,

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cantharides had failed, tinctura ferri muriatis, in the dose of 3 ss.

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CoMEQYS, and T. W. Blatchfobd appointed as a committee.

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kidney, if the blood is equally diftused through the urine, and if the

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a fever showing regular quartan paroxysms, similar in nature to those asso-

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the Episcopal Hospital, is now under observation. With a total acidity of from 1 to 2, at a

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several instances of grip that I have treated I am thoroughly convinced

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the excellence of the chapters upon malaria and diseases of the blood

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orthopedic treatment and iodoform locally. It is desirable for the patient to

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even in those cases where the pulse becomes more frequent in the

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organs. The foul odour of the breath in some cases of constipation,

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time, being abrupt and jerking, and the abrupt second sound of the

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from 20,516 to 28,721 grains, with a mean of 21,638 grains.

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highly developed plants and animals ; demonstrate that as we rise

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stimulants may be given with safety. When stimulants render a


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