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the passage of a sound. There immediately appeared symptoms of poisoning
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common symptoms are palpitation, a tumultuous beat of the heart, a
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highly organized than invertebrate animals, still show remarkable powers of
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bones, and to a deficiency or entire absence of chondrin and gelatine.
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the stomach and intestines presented marks of congestion, if not of
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flattened, ribbon-like, yellow clot, which extended not only throu^
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The immense mountain ranges and table lands, which influence,
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Among fresh vegetables, the potato is one of the best. As a moist
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recent case of malarial fever. Weight 81 ounces. This organ, like
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from one-half to two days. She has always had severe pain before and
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to pole, and the icebergs, and glaciers, and snow of polar regions
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place in the brain, but no good effects resulted, but rather the
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226. The force with which the blood is expelled by the left ventricle
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measures. When coma has set in, the disease is generally beyond the
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reader is not wearied by theory, but is given a concise statement of what
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pursuing one invariable train of thought. He should, therefore, be
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ment of the spleen ; in one case there were recurring attacks of cough
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course of another disease, and is in the nature of metastasis, an attempt
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tions ; the force and frequency of the heart diminish; the panting, fuU
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liver, with the exception of the small spots, appeared to be normal
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agreeable to the patient, cold lotions. If the accompanying fever is of
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spot, one finger only of the right hand should be used.
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practical application, are the variable severity of diseases bearing the
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healthy constitution, are obtained in part from the water daily
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fays he, ii is a Work that requires the utmofl Care, and is
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tilation of the patient's apartment, should be prescribed.
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of on the fourth day. The great frequency of the pulse and the high
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showed an acute purulent peritonitis, which had resulted from a perfor-
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The bed from which the specimens were removed presented a number
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ointment, or the external application of the tincture of iodine, and
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the treatment of the local complications, see the several diseases
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Craniotomy for Epilepsy and Allied Conditions. By R. J. Hall, M.D.
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improving, one has gone on to entire disappearance of the very large tumor
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induction of universal gravitation, expressive of the truth that


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