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the lungs, heart, liver, kidney, uterus, ovaries, or testicle, is often ac-
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cently on the inculcations of the past. Not satisfied with standing
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changes produced by it in the elements of the blood, upon the
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senses, and the exhaustion of the nervous system. This exhaustion
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bronchial incident nerves will excite not merely the muscular fibres of
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apparent to be misanderstood. The pathological phenomena are, however, no
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and to promote secretion of the latter. 2 More than this, it is supposed,
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above heads. Those forms of headache produced by the action of the
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the physical, chemical, muscular, and nervous forces, and result in
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ined by Dr. Thayer, and showed nothing special except a slight in-
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the skin still perspirable ; and the mind not much depressed. When
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apparently albuminous, and a few oil-globules. According to Dr.
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is which modifies the contractility of the arteries.
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must, however, be remarked, concerning case third, that the neurotic
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recommended; but cannot be used without danger. For the gouty-
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the larger Tbronchial tubes, or in parts of the chest hi which such
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appearance; at a distance, it presented a light bronzed color; upon
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on the one hand, and the passions on the other ; adding vigour and
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filled with blood. The lateral ventricles of the brain were nearly
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sues with which it comes in contact, and its chemical and physical
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in the groin elicited neither pain nor fluctuation, and the overlying skin
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when the urine is scanty, it is high coloured ; when it is abundant,
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citrate, or drinking freely of water, causing a great increase. The
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The recumbent posture must be retained so long as the exti-eme
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produce, but which would necessarily follow the interruption or suppression of the
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temperature became normal, and convalescence was soon complete.
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any case on record in which suppression of digestive secretion has been
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our planet has the mind of man risen to a sublimer height ; nowhere has man


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