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various relations, and actions, and reactions of terrestrial masses
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from disappearance of the proper renal structure, with little or no
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and in other cases, again, it is described as small :ind frequent.
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satisfactorily explained the mutual dependence of the animal and
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culated at from two-thirds to three-fifths of the force of the heart.
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tion to the lungs. Considered as a part of the circulation, the portal
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t^irely without treatment during the first eight weeks, and which
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of the body; as the nervous, sanguiferous, &c.; or, upon the regions
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the moist blood-corpuscles, will be increased fourfold, whilst the
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delirium ; crepitus in the lungs, passing into rattling in the air-
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PALATABILITY and ELEGANCE of appearance. In prescribing be particular
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Causes. — Predisposing. Hereditary taint ; syphilis or gout, or a
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deposits or foi'mations of pus in the lungs, liver, serous cavities, and
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tion ; and this is so common, that palpitation, not otherwise readily
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The duration of this disease is extremely variable. It may assume
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often cedematous, the skin dry, and there is nausea with urgent thirst.
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submitted a written statement to your Committee, which was at
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elevation, as Fort Defiance, altitude 7,200 feet, and Fort Union,
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area. The vagina is then perforated with scissors and is tied in segments
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186. The quantity of air drawn into the lungs at each inspiration,
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may be administered at intervals of one, two, or three days. The


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