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constituents of the crust of our globe, develops such a close corre-

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cranium ; the causes of other dropsies ; dentition ; irritation in the

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alteration is made, with the exception of transferring Hydro-

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in the way described. This theory will also elucidate cases, where a

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stated that this man was the cook on the vessel. One month ago,

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cases is, however, usually normal or somewhat excessive for obvious

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tion entirely disappears, with a mealy or furfuraceous desquamation of

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Karewski (Revue Memuelle des Maladies de VEnfance, July, 1895) reports

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of great thirst, of pains in his back and bones, and of great exhaus-

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acid, in the proportion of one ounce to a gallon of water ; campho-

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diminishes them: high temperatures increase the frequency both of

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others, Lobstein proceeds to give the results of his own Investigations.

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from a rupture in one of the sinuses of the dura mater.

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and also the different passive ha}morrhages. Other diseases of the

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quent upon the violent purgation and vomiting. Pulse, 94; respi-

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our coldest month. In looking over our. register, we find that the

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difference of opinion exists. The most recent writer on this sub-

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remedy. The author, however, ascertained that it is a myotic. Used in a

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form, shape, and degree of tension of the abdomen. We also ascer-

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stomach and bowels which it occasions gives rise to infantile remit-

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post meridian. Without a single exception the pressure is always

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bination, the thin upper lip being substituted for the thick, is as com-

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ments of fermentation are arrested for want of a solvent — if too

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without the use of permanent clamps or ligatures. The idea first occurred to

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ness of this patient disappeared, and he went into a profound sleep

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was light golden. The color was not of the bright, deep golden

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these organs would all be locally affected by the poison, it is unneces-

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As it is highly important that the amount of protection afforded by

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