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tells me that, with the exception of one slight attack shortly after he
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in mind that in the case of a disease which destroys so large a
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resemblance to each other of the members of the several royal
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from the volume a quality beyond its pretensions. Notwithstanding
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(one, doubtless, potassium), and 7, a poison which causes contraction of
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oolored blood-corpuscles, and of the organs and apparatus, this
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exposure to the hot sun and night air on the river, and also from
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of the forces of matter. In precisely the same manner do we infer
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prognosis. Pulmonary consumption is incurable, and medicine, at
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presence of the medical attendant have subsided, for such emotions
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hours. The quartan has the longest cold stage, the tertian the longest
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of the relations between physiological phenomena and the pheno-
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On Microscope.— JoBN C. Dalton, Jr., N. Y. ; David Hutchin-
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of mercury, which must be absorbed before they can act, and that the
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Allowing dae weight to the pathological changes of cirrhosis, it
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names, according to the seat of the affection ; as pleurodyne, when it
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The members of this institution shall collectively represent and
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required. In winter, a fire should be kept in the sitting and bed rooms
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reaction, acid ; uph., N. U + N. CI. N. E. P. N.j ind., N. U — Sf. A.
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Peognosts. — Very unfavourable, as it indicates increasing severity
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assistance may be desired. A physician afiiicted with diseaae is
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Physical Signs. — Unusually clear tympanitic sound on percussion,
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structure and constituents of the soil, are," as stated by Lieutenants
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which sweating is possible. Now this is not a mere splitting of straws,
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opening of the chest and abdomen, I was unable to determine.
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and he shall return, on oath, the books containing said records and index
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phenomena of malarial fever demands, amongst many other things,
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the vessels may be increased or diminished. Observations made
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difficulties are greatly increased when we attempt to determine the
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during the summer months, revealed by the psychrometer. The


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