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to the effects of the morbific agents upon the bloodj immediately
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tality among children in the third series of larger pelves occurs because these
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cure of every disease. However simple some of their prescriptioo!
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Seeliq (Deutsches Archivfiir klin. Med., Bd. 54, p. 537) adds to the small
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cellular tissue of the same organ, become thickened and hypertrophied,
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In the post-mortem examinations of diphtheritic children Waldstein
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and the intestines. Several cases are cited which illustrate the view above
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fluid of biliary and probably pancreatic secretion from the duodenum,
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unfavourable when, as in rare instances, it occurs in persons in the
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been observed : one case is reported by M. Piorry, in which it beat 17
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The portions first effused had lost the power of changing to the arte-
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already taken place, the indications are — (a) To facilitate the expec-
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blood (liquor sanguinis and red globules), that the upper portion is
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We have already stated the earliest symptoms of our fevers to be lassitude, loss of
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were absent, as in the liver where they were most abundant. The
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Dr. Brainard, of Illinois, moved the appointment of a committee
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objections only place in a still stronger light the profound altera-
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seen a few epithelioid cells in the submucosa ; repeated examinations of
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(a) Diet. — As long as vomiting or diarrhoea is present, a strict
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fact, that in the latter situation the material element of typhoid
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almost black appearance. Numerous small white bodies, about
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are identical, and that all of them differ from the original in compo-
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sluggish circulation through that organ will be a torpor in the func-
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phosphates in variable proportions. These are easily distinguished,
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or poisons acted primarily upon the blood, destroying and altering
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tion of the elements of nutrition and secretion, and of the chemical
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central axis, is also another element in the explanation of the diflerence
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sedge {carex) and other allied plants on the margins and in the beds
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nofi; yet he fays they are infeparable, and make but one
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serious consequences, because these parts of the body are destined
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sent state of our knowledge, we cannot master it. Dr. Prout, in
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the darkness and silence, the absence of the usual impressions on the
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the United States than all other similar preparations in the world. This strong state-
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to consider briefly the other groups for the sake of completeness.
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malaria so far beyond its source or origin, taken in connection
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upper lid, and apparent exaggerated downward movement of the globe.
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with blood. The abdomen was not tender, there was no enlargement of
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is not of uncommon occurrence. The other forms of gravel are rarely
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Shortness of the Frenum Glandis . 713 ! rectal Origin 713
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clearer. Pulse, 78 ; respirations, 15. Temperature of atmosphere
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inspiration at first resembles the passing of air through a piece of
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circumstances, the ventricles send out at each contraction the blood
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careful regulation of the diet ; the food should be given at regular inter-
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general remedies to be relied on are anodynes, depletions, and warm
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8. Those that are subject to strangulation or inflammatory accidents.
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Buppoaition that the cerebro-spinal nervous system is primarily and solely, or even


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