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part of the frame they act, affect not that part only, but througli it
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cartilage, the third (c c) at the level of the cartilages of the tenth ribs,
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accurate observers on the minute anatomy of the liver, states as the
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is superior to any and all the public collections of medical books
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808. The absorption of the solid structures has also been attributed
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rations, 20. Temperature of atmosphere, 80^ F.; temp, of hand, 78;
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secondary, and that these conditions cannot be benefited by operation.
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spend to each other in health, so i^m the same cause are they participants of the
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refrigerating lotions, or the ice-cap, according to the severity of the
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per cent, of ovarian tumors discovered during pregnancy are dermoids, while
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well from the standard works upon his subject and has shown a keen
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two days ago, with pain in his head and bones, and loss of appetin
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and this nervous and physical force, in turn, led to a still fisuther
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at Elwyn, Pa., in which, under his advice, guaiacol was successfully used,
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or third day after giving daily doses of 400 to 600 milligrammes per kilo, hsema-
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has been applied. Sympathies of motor nerves with each other occur
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an unhealthy state of the blood still exists, as is too oflen wit-
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I' Elements of Physiology. ^^ Manual of Pathological Anatomy.
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carditis may be found, although murmurs were not heard in the cases
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The condition of the teeth as another possible factor is even more
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what has just been adduced), that a mean annual temperature of
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epilepsy are forms of clonic spasm ; convulsions are sometimes of one
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by pressure, but the colour immediately returns. After the lapse of
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