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of the vessels of the head ; worms ; dentition ; acute pain ; excessive
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ritalin side effects in toddlers
Btarch into grape sugar — demonstrated that the malarial poison
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a small strip of iodoform gauze into the innermost angle of the cavity, but
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tucky at least, return as stillborn children that survive for a few
ritalin side effects in adults mayo clinic
the tissues, and fluids, and organs of these animals are retarded. If the tempera-
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giving a curious patchy blueness. These were seen on the palmar as
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palpitations of the heart ; throbbing of the carotid arteries ; pains in
how long does ritalin high last when snorted
the parts aflected ; and the warmth of the skin may be kept up by
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pit of the stomach and in the head, and diifloult respiration. These pains were
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of sodium salicylate within forty-eight hours. It is impossible not to attri-
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the same intestinal in-itation which often gives rise to the convulsions
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Bronchophony ; near top of sternum, between the scapulae, &c.
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absence continues persistently for months. I am unaware of there being
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ache, and with the carotid arteries pulsating violently, not only with
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oanse death in cases which otherwise would not have terminated
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pressure which it ordinarily sustains. A man who descends in a
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lungs ; such as tubercles, leading to contraction, especially in the sub-
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health, but it is more commonly one of the secondary effects of
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tion, the bile was found to contain numerous flakes of a green color,
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charactei'S, or phenomena of inflammation ; but redness and increased
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572. Mr. Abernethy's method consists in making the patient take
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objection, they have yet sought to be enlightened by the action of
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The article embraces the results of the study of pus produced experi-
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limpid. The urine first passed in the morning is usually of a higher
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the type of erythema characterized by hemorrhages and oedema with
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severe forms, however, the cellular membrane is implicated, when the
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The development and perfection of the nervous system corre-
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conglomerations of granules. These granules and black masses,
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to the hospital the temperature was 101.6° F., the respirations 34, and
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deaths shall state the date of death, name and snrname of deceased, the
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the former operation, all his organs were in a normal state.
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We could wish that static electricity, for instance, had been discussed
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The Smithsonian Institution, at a very early period of its exist-
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The former kind of urine, when evaporated and concentrated, gene-
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secretory apparatus, the color of the liver was not so marked as in
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but rather of stagnation and accumulation of the blood in tbe capil-


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