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tenderness is somewhat abated. As soon as the patient will bear it, and
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ease. Chemical examination gave decided evidence of the presence
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302. The absorption of fluids, provided they be of less density than
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of the nurse, got out of bed and attempted to walk across the floor,
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In one case, in which there was some tenderness in the upper part
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meningeal artery was found intact, and no trouble was encountered from it.
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attacks being slight, and not frequent in their recurrence ; youth ;
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remedy applied alone, to combat the action of the malarial poiscML
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tenderness upon pressure of epigastrium. Autopsy three hours after
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saliva tinged with blood of a dark colour ; discharge of acrid matter from
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Treatment. — Simple erythematous stomatitis readily yields to
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temperature (being policlinic cases temperatures were not taken); clean
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liver, there was a small portion of a dark slate, inclining to bronae
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diminish the quantity of the dropsical effusion. III. To relieve
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dry, but acquires a nauseous odor when moistened. Lewin found an alka-
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lip, and tumid septum and alse nasi. A less common combination is
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According to the researches of Dr. John Reid, the liver weighed
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600. Besides the respiratory sounds produced in the tubes and
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sive dilatation of one or several bronchial tubes, evidenced by bron-
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formation extends under the ridge and gravelly districts is as yet
ketoprofen 75 mg capsule side effects
tubes and intestines. There are traces of local inflammation in various
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Allg. Path, und path. Anat., vol. vi. p. 338). Lesser degrees of lardaceous disease would
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the colic, acute nephritis ; and in purpura or peliosis rheumatica, hema-
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affection, and while it is admitted that the great majority of the cases recover
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M an asse {Berlin, klin. Woch., 1895, No. 33) reports the following : A man
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times. This enlargement and softening of the spleen appear to be
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the year ending the thirty-first day of December next preceding, and for
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we know what that structure was in health, nor that any function is
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Treatment. — In plethoric individuals, general and local bleeding


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