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buzzing in the ears, the countenance and lips are pale, the mind fails,

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Beitrftge Zu Kenntniss der Urinabsonderung bei gesunden Inanguzml Abhand*

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or discovery of new doctrines and principles around us, whether in

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Herechel/ Seebeck,' Gay-Lussao, Thenard, Berard, Wedgwood,^

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flammationi and yet this strong, hearty yoang man fell a victinti

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commonly large. It varies in size, in the same person, with the full

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been prescribed for the removal of tapeworm. The alkaloid occurs as the

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Tachycardia, Myxoedema, Angio-Neurotic (Edema, Raynaud's Disease,

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Indeed, it is of the first importance that these words should not be

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symptoms of acute inflammation have been subdued. It is of common

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and should tend to preserve the activity of the medicaments. A certain degree

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stomach in excess in cases of diabetes), as fi-om discovering the pro-

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fresh air which the former get. In many cases of town-bred chil-

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Benda (Dermatologische ZeiUchrift, Band ii. Heft 3) reports some new

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tion, of coagulable lymph and pus. Its common termination is by

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want of power and tone, the deposit of tubercle in several organs of

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functions of the absorbents, like those of other vessels, vary in activity

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of deaths were reported, directly due to the operation, and numerous

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the senses. As the perverted action of the cephalic brain is reflected with great

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gree. Diarrhoea is sometimes superadded ; but in many cases aperient

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given, in combination with a vegetable acid, as in punch.

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relief in this way seems hopeless. After the failure of all these

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cines he employed, will, the Author trusts, combine to

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proceeded, rotation of the foetal head failed, and the physcian in attendance

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an entire or partial abstinence from business, change of scene, and

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2. This tumor occurring in a movable kidney would make one sus-

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amygdalus Persica, olive-oil, uvaursi, pareira brava, balsam of copaiba.

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22d. Epidemic diseases of Virginia and North Carolina.

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leading to the appearances and results of inflammation, and restored

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Skovnng the Ages and Condition of Persons Married during the Tear I

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