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orders of the nervous system, and to mental derangement accom-
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cessful than in the adult. For brain-abscesses the surgeon should be
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as in extreme cases of ansemia, a humming sound, due to the motion
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normal, altered neither in consistency nor appearance ; blood was
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the diphtheria virus on peripheral nerve-tissue, and the fact that a local
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in water containing soda or pearlash, before meals ; sulphuric acid
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should always remember the distinction between the offices and
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jet been definitely settled whether urea and uric acid^ result &03
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724. When these facts are taken into consideration, it will be easy
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has made a study of nine cases of diphtheria treated with antitoxin in which
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pelves. The following case, occurring in a primipara, is certainly remark-
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than the slaves are — that in all their habits and associations they
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According to this view the vital principle and the intelligence
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himself a task worthy his steel, however powerful. Though he limit it
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the water, and the formation of marshes and pools ; the drains have
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non-malarious districts, having the same climate and relations to
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the chest, neck, and arm -pits. Erysipelas is apt to occur as a
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investigations^ reveals the fact that the colored blood-corpuscles are di-
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occurs are equally instructive, proving, as they do, the local effect of
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thereby devolving upon us, the Association present this subject to
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ing, interchange, and diffusion of knowledge — for the promotion of
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negatived, and the motion of Dr. Lindsley was then adopted.
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•f See the Experiments made by Dr. Saunders on his own person, and de-
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the circulating fluid, whether from excessive loss of blood or from
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for the febrile exanthemata, which, like fever, originally affect the
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tea, gruel, an-ow-root, wine and water. The wann, hot-air, or yapour
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fcetida, radix armoracia, tinctura capsici, cardamoms, ginger, alum,
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ence of a syrup, was treated with nitric acid, there was a slight


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