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they may be considered as regulators of the activity of these changes. As a

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A precipitate of hydrated oxide of copper is formed, which dissolves

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and tonic diet were given as freely as the patient could bear them.

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portant physiological and pathological facts that not only do the

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Constitution should be adopted with care, and though, perhaps, that

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pulse has been remarkably infrequent, whilst the temperature has

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eruption of a bright scarlet or red colour ; not extending over a large

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examining recruits for the army. In tailors, he found a mean of 221,

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but also examine the morbid, physical, and chemical alterations,

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stage of the eruption of small- pox from an acute attack of syphilitic

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finally lose all motion and life. The distinction, then, between cold

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becoming organized, the wound heals ; a narrow red line being left at

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starvation, and exposure, and improper habits, and by hemorrhages,

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form of the disease the patient refers some bodily sensation to some

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the fact that the historical development and classification of the sciences corresponH

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scalp or bones of the head, or on inflammation of the intenial ear.

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in all sincerity, that you might without difficulty have selected an

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nected with it, is that inflammation of the peritoneum which occui's in

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bearing a close resemblance, when strongly marked, to the distant

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to immediate expulsion from the body as being hurtful, or to serve

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foration, characterized by sudden and acute pain, with extreme prostra-

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motion cannot change its velocity nor its direction of motion with-

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which prevents that firee transmission of blood through them which the great

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evacuations ; intermitting pulse ; the disease being complicated with,

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coated with yellow fur ; face much flushed ; reaction of saliva de-

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agents in keeping up in the body the impression of the disease.

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of the lungs is expectorated with difficulty, and the patient may die

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the free action of the bowels. II. To induce as speedily as possible

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ive fever, those remedies should be employed, which excite ^

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with hesitation ; there are also tremblings and catchings of the hands


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