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tion of the cornea, and destruction of the eye of the affected side are

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When, instead of being inflamed, the tumours are relaxed and

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tuidervalue. In thus withholding from nature the tribute which is

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scanty expectoration, which varies in character, consisting, in most

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the slightest touch occasions pain. This is a sufficient objection to

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hlood'CorpuscUs should be promoted by diuretics and depurants.

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texture of the heart, causing violent palpitation ; the muscular coat of

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On Microscope.— JoBN C. Dalton, Jr., N. Y. ; David Hutchin-

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essential lesion to be, first, a necrosis of the cells proper of the organ in

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of Cod-liver Oil, with the hypophosphites of lime and soda, contains a definite

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tant rhonchus; in the stage of hepatisation, absence of respiratory

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In spite of the persevering employment of these means, six or

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the mucous membrane of the bowels, are examples of this. It may

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Kidneys normal in size and structure. Blood had settled in die

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16. Temperature of trunk normal ; reaction of saliva neutral.

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Traumatic enophthalmos ; patient looking straight forward. Sunken appearance, resembling

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Prophylaxis. — A due admixture with the food of such fresh or

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course of the sciatic nerve from the nates to the knee, and in some

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plexuses, appear to form a perfect connection between the animal and vegetable

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glands, especially in the region of the ileo-csecal valve, were en-

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Symptoms. — Pain in the parts affected, increased by motion, per-

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518. It is sometimes important to be able to form an opinion on

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with the severity of the disease. The changes in the urine during

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ooBt, printed instructions relative to the specific kind of instruments

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height 5 feet 7 inches; weight 165 lbs.; large chest, and stout

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chlorides of Barium and of Calcium. (Liquor barii chloridi, TTXiii to

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toneum is exposed and dissected off for a short distance around the edges of


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