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may be followed the obstinate cough, in the nature of things, must per-

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dissolution. In other words, the patient would not have died if

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during thirty-six hours' exposure to the oxygen of the atmosphere.

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Serous effusions occur within the spinal canal, as well as in the

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should be the minister of hope and comfort to the sick ; that bf

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wholesome food, proper exercise, warm clothing, frequent ablution of

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The patient died half an hour after this observation.

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under treatment, without a sign of restoration of gastric secretion. It

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summoned early, and operation be performed as promptly and rapidly

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moral veins, or of the veins of the uterus and viscera of the pelvis.

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In such cases the character of the urine is not changed, the quantity of

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deposits of urates in these situations. Considerable pain was felt on

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as cyanosis. The colour of the blood is more florid in diseases cha-

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Thus it appears, that of the superfluous water contained in the

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local irritation in debilitated constitutions, even when no suppuration

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on one side, and the body was covered with an eruption of sudemia and

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lated from the French of MM. Becquerel and Rodier, by S. T. Speer, M. D. Londis,

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to be not only independent in their own existence of all other

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the sagittal suture. The periosteum was removed from the bone in the

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light yellow fibrinous clot, attached to the chordsd tendinesd and

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tions on the respiration at difterent ages, in males and females. The

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very restless, one or two leeches or more, according to the age, may

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Treatment. — In most cases, rest, a bland farinaceous diet, cold

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ought to be declined whenever it can be assigned to any otfas

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in doses sufficient to insure the free evacuation of the bowels. In

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the nerve is referred to the fingers or toes of the lost limb even for

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bodies; and it is evident that to understand the phenomena of

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fur ; and the pulse is frequent, quick, full, and compressible. After a

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June. The place of meeting shall never be the same for any two


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