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could isolate the poison, we would be able to watch its action, in
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337. Atrophy arises from opposite causes ; from disuse of parts, as
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vulsions ; and it seemed to receive a measure of support from the inves-
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Climates, and by Nicol on the climate of Seringapatam. At this
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the German Surgical Congress the cause of the stitch abscesses observed in
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Quinine, or the tonic infusions, may be prescribed in the lesser degrees
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is noted by a watch. The time occupied is a sort of measure of the
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drawn for by the Secretary of State, is appropriated out of the general
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diagnostic mark of concretion of the left side; but this is com-
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unsatisfactory, for the same reasons, to attribute this symptom directly to a dis-
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produced by digitalis, and by hydrocyanic acid. Paralysis is pro-
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hot vaginal douches even when menstruating. No harm has resulted from
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flakes were, without doubt, composed of altered colored corpuscles.
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the circulation by a journey, and the early periods of sojourn in
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The select collection of Formulge, Glossary of Terms,
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but the two tests just mentioned are those commonly employed.
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surface of the left lobe. When an incision was made into the sur-
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bowels are generally costive, but may be irregular, especially in younger
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obstruction to the venous circulation, accompanied in extreme cases by
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may be given daily. Patients who have previously indulged in habits
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extreme), depressing passions, cold applied externally or taken in-
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Dr. J. B. Flint, chairman of a committee appointed by the State
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eration. In more advanced stages the liver cells cannot be distinguished
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with the aid of the oxygen derived from the former. According
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hibited for a great length of time the effects of the bilious remittent
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would advise that this body, representing, as it does, the physicians of
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