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degrees below that of health. The pulse is accelerated thirty-foar
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The Treatment of Tubal Gestation by Extirpation Per Vaginam.
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As the integrity of the nervous system depends upon the in-
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tain diseases accompanied by a large and rapid outpouring of fluid,
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Diagnosis. — The pathognomonic symptom is the commencement
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and restrict the supply of blood on the other. Hence, in extreme cases
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two-fifths of the contents of the gall-bladder, and were found, under
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drugs are used as follows : for eight days belladonna, valerian, cinchona, with
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Travers Bays northward, or north of the valleys of An Sable and
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mucilaginous and diluent liquids, as barley-water, solution of gum-
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bladder till they are equally mixed. A gas, likewise, will permeate a
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rence of various forms of eruption after the ingestion of certain drugs and
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remarkable symptom-complex. One of the earliest cases by Ollivier 3 is
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functional inconvenience from the growth. Two months after the operation
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Treatment. — In incontinence of urine arising from spasm of
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diffuse rather than circumscribed thickening, less resistance on palpation,
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substantiate hereafter by numerous facts, appears to be that the
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A green solution is obtained to which Pettinkoffer's test may be
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viscid mucus, afterwards of opaque, muco-purulent, or puralent matter.
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have a direct bearing upon, practice. A strong conviction that n(3
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astringent. It may be given in combination with the infusion of
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teristic sore throat succeeding the usual premonitory symptoms, and
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inch in the direction of the long axis of the limb over the vein. The super-
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