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liquor sanguinis), which fluid has been termed the cytoblastema, or

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namely, retroversion, which has nothing in common with the one under

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and corresponds with the rapidity of the chemical changes of the

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pulse ; those of the left side affect chiefly the arterial pulse, giving rise

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nei've, a derangement of the digestive process manifested by the elimi-

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of the large vessels. The sounds have a louder and shai-per tone in

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one case, the bacillus proteus was present, and also the bacillus of liquefac-

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may infer that the lungs are diseased, or compressed from without.

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736. One general rule applies to diet, as to the employment of

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flammatory conditions it is the polynuclear cells which are especially increased

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often accompanied by a bellows sound synchronous with the systole

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symptoms distinguish it from inflammation of other abdominal viscera.

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in all had been of long duration : in one, a ruminant, they had existed

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of a child of four years. Paresis of muscles of both legs and arms, chiefly

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723. This subject is beset by the same difficulties which attach to

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in colour, and abounding in urea as well as other natural ingredients.

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and copious hemorrhage of bright-red blood, or a less amount often

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or calcareous indurations of the valves, and when large or numerous,

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have it in their power to consult the more voluminous

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in a similar manner in all animals, simple or complex ; they differ

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present, leeches to the jaws, followed by blisters behind the ears, and

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The irrigation of the peritoneum is performed by pouring from a pitcher

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him should be assigned the duty of directing and supervising all

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any undue retention whatever of intestinal contents, or any accumu-

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The general opinion that diphtheria not rarely occurs more than once in

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§ 6. The obedience of a patient to the prescriptions of his pbj-

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uterus are very numerous and complex, and it seems almost impossible,

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at the base of the brain, under the arachnoid, or in all these situations ;

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wholly unable to determine its changes in different organs and

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That they undergo a positive increase of size has been shown by the


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