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use of Hegar's dilators under anaesthesia on the last day of the menstrual

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5. That mode of treatment which, in the present im-

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which we must refer to the New York Medical Journal.

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regularly administered, so as to relieve the bowels without inducing

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toxic, rather than organic, character of the fever in ursemia is the pre-

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ance ; intestinal canal^ from the stomach to the anus, pale and healthy

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Coming from old settled regions of the United States, where fruit,

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digitalis, musk, camphor, cochineal, oil of amber, cantharides. Counter-

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inclined to a slate color. There were several spots, varying from

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Treatment. — Indications. I. To promote the absorption of tlie|

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ence of the development of the apparatus by which the physical

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algse, lichens, and other cryptogamous plants, so also sprang the

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each cause will be embraced under some head in the latter, e, g^

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case is deemed incurable ; for his attendance may continue to be

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Strabismus is occasionally present, and in some cases the patient is

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more rapidly in exciting the nervous systems and in arousing the

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sible to draw broad lines of distinction between diseases, based

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long as the arteries and veins contain their due proportion of blood,

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two or three hours, if the patient has improved under the first dose ;

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the parts aflected ; and the warmth of the skin may be kept up by

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vegetables and fruits containing oxalic acid; organic disease of the

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They have organs of sense corresponding in perfection with the

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powers, especially of the nervous system. There are snoring, stertor,

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Eemedies. — Tonics ; among metals— sulphate and carbonate of iron,

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