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often escape observation but for careful microscopical examination, and doubtless for want
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We will illustrate this proposition by the following cases and
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cular rheumatism (see supra). The local treatment consists in cupping
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the extent of from half a bottle to one or even two bottles a-day, the
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none in any quantity but that which is natural to it at that early age.
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I. By far the most common cause of irritation is in the bowels, and
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knee, and of the right ankle. There were numerous purpuric spots on
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vapor, and the supply of a definite amount of heat. The evapora-
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the stomach in the procedure, most gratifying improvements in my
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seen that whilst the blood-corpuscles are diminished, the diminu-
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* Krawkow suggests that the lardaceous material may be a product of this microbic metabol-
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treat. At times the diagnosis of its cause is relatively easy, and our
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minims, may be substituted for the dilute sulphuric acid.
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* " Magendie'B Ezi>eriineiit8 upon the Inflaence of Hot Air on Animal Life ;"
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leeches, and cupping, when there is considerable pain and tumefaction,
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irritants are the remedies most in use. The local remedies are local
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tian, which returns twice on each alternate day. 5. The double
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lutely upon the mutual relations of its component parts.
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Passler {Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Nervenheilkunde, Bd. vi. p. 21) has anal-
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takes place after the lapse of years, and after repeated attacks. In
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circumstances, medical men are peculiarly dependent upon each
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576. By means of very numerous observations made with this
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''But the branches of the sympathetic belong principally to the arteries which
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The writer reports a Csesarean section for labor rendered impossible by an
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In 1826 and 1827, typhus fever prevailed at Fort Brady (Sault de
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urine, when examined by the microscope, is found to contain casts ot


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