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syrup, which is mixed intimately with starch, pulverized, and dried
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dilate into minute aneurismal pouches. The proper vascular struc-
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tasis and phthisical cavities. 2. In small doses (1 to 2 minims thrice daily)
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num; and the distinct impressions on the senses for muscge volitantes,
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this respect. A very slight alteration in liie tables for " Births,
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and stimulants, will also in rare instances serve as means of diagnosis.
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quantity of bark, and a calomel pill, with opium three times a day. The aadBih
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nervous irritability ; and, in some cases, delirium — demands the con-
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epilepsy, melancholia, and instinctive mania, are occasionally to be
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chemical ccnstitutvon of the urine toere strikingly different from the time
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in the limbs, or with wealmess, or complete paralysis of the hands or
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flatulence, borborygma, globus hystericus, or well-marked hysterical
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tained in the system ; and the strength and vigour of the frame. The
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way into the surrounding cellular texture, and a diffused abscess is the
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mony is strongly indicated. In the absence of symptoms of inflamma-
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observed, much resembling the sloughs in cynanche maligna ; yet real
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following remarks in relation thereto, from the work of M. Carriere,
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found scattered over the superior portion of the colon ; and over
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the constituents of the blood, interfered with the formation of the
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forces and aberration of muscular and nervous action. The tempe-
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