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by any other cause, the urine is diminished ; when, on the other hand,
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which is the direction of the rotation of the sun on his axis ; all
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grene, and separation of the enclosed portion of intestine.
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the colic, acute nephritis ; and in purpura or peliosis rheumatica, hema-
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commonly recognized, shall note its effects upon the general health and
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diet containing an excess of animal food. It is evident that no part of
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till it rises to such a pitch, that the moment any fluid is brought near
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Malpighian tufts of the kidney) serve to cleanse the surface of the eye
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dosmose takes place more completely, and goes on more constantly than
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considerable albuminuria with blood cells. After five days of normal
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* KoUiker fiber die Blatk9rperchen der Mensohliohen Bmbiyo nnd die B&twiek-
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ueber Kinderkrankheiten, called attention to this combination of symptoms.
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abdominal parietes, the position of tumours, and the extent of the
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394. Another fact which has been proved by experiment is, that those
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puted to be sedative; in nearly all cases, there is a period of greater
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pains ; a seventh, of diarrhoea ; an eighth of haemoptysis ; a ninth,
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From gastritis and dyspepsia, by the seat of the disease, discovered
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principal metallic bases, the non-metallic bodies, the organic and
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first eleven were treated with silver nitrate and quinine given continuously
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corresponding value. He calls attention to the fact that the mechanical
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the intermission there was a marked subsidence of the febrile ex-
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exercise, strong mental emotion, and excesses of all kinds. It is often
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During the febrile excitement his pulse was 108 and his respiration
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great tenderness of the epigastrium, with extreme irritability of the
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green colour, but if added in excess, it changes it quickly to a dingy
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B. — Sulph. of quinia gr. v, every three hours, np to gr. xr; ii-
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mento — disseminated in all directions just as the generating foci


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