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sideration of the relations of the altered products of the blood,

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the action of calomel on the alimentary canal, and liver, especially

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hours a small light-yellow deposit of triple phosphate and urate cf

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neuralgic pain preceding the eruption of shingles by its less severity.

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sickly child, I possessed the power of creating ocular spectra at will in a very

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ritis, and one of inflammation of the brain — and yet I am obliged

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relations to moisture, its relation to the distribution of the forces of

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sent forth by the heart may depend upon one of two causes, — a

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interval between puberty and this period is marked by a considerable

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but should resign the patient to the practitioner first engaged.

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lives, one animal, the other oi^anic ; that the brain is the only centre of animal

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some other possible cause, may not even seek treatment. It is only

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trusion of the abdomen, and expiration by the contraction of the

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attention should be directed to the heart, and a careful stethoscopic

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ceases to be nourished ; or it may extend to one only of those prin-

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over-fatigue. The contagion of typhus fever acting upon a strong

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able to obtain from the surface passed over, they appear as dry

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Diagnosis. — Of the acute form. " The only invariable character

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us as to the capacity of the frame to make a profitable use of the food

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unceasing chemical and physical changes, is the great characteristic

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bilious ; but I have counted a pulse of 50 in a youth under 20 years

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in the blood in consequence either of disease of the proper excreting

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tion with three or four grains of ipecacuanha, or equivalent doses of

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and frequency. Brain examined tweniy hours after death.

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Symptoms. — Loss of sensation in the forehead, cheek, nose, and

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of oppression. When pain is present, it is increased, when absent,

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shall be the duty of the registrar, also, to receive from the

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attempting, even in the most careful manner, to remove this organ

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pressing causes being known, nor any possibility of importation.

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fast, is the purgative of choice. Upon the fourth or fifth day the second


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