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and surname of mother, [9. Color of parents.] 10. Residence of

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During the fit. — In general, little else can be done during the

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(t.) The action of the purgative in all cases' oF malarial fe?er

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trate for the same, one-half thereof to the use of the said complainant,

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may sometimes be brought up by the operation of an emetic. When

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434. Convulsions, therefore, are often the last movements of a

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selves. They were, however, painful on pressure. The feet were swol-

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Leprosy: in its Clinical and Pathological Aspects. By Dr. G.

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Fere calls attention (Revue de Chirurgie, 1895, No. 4) to the effects of an

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a rapid decline of the temperature to about 100° F. The next day

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as was supposed at the time of its original introduction. The same

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the hospital grounds. His pale, sallow complexion and feeble gait

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The Secretaries shall record tbe minutes, and authenticate tbe

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months' duration. — Jas. McD., aged eighteen years, was admitted to the

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present in some species ; the liver present in all, and consisting ci

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this country are usually described as appendicitis. Twenty-one cases are

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supply the waste which is going on through the destruction of parts,

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and many substances which have not power enough to act upon the

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and fainted before fjx were abstracted. The pulse and respiration

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chalk and opium powder, or by other suitable remedies adapted to

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matica — the visceral complications are, as Kaposi remarks, much more

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systems, either by a direct action upon the nervous apparatus, or

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of the frame : — the generation of heat and electricity.

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of taking steps to remove the nuisance." The same paper has the

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mucous membrane of the ileum, for about nine feet. The blood-

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When an incision was made through this portion of the liver, it

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579. It is scarcely necessary to observe, that in making use of Dr.

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the linimentum ammonise, to the cheek. Should gangrene have set in,

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evacuations of bile which occur in phthisis pulmonalis ami in diseases


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