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deal, and the spleen reduced considerably in size. In the middle of
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Examination commenced half an hour after the commencemesfc
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Dr. Jenner examined the spleen in thirty-four subjects above tw
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Mania is but one of many disorders of the mind, but it is the one
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the increased nourishment to the neuroglia leads to its overgrowth. Changes
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through fine linen into sterilized milk. The whole should be slightly stirred
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prepare an Infant Skeleton, take Care not to boil the Bones
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ciples of the treatment are the same in either case.
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muscular rheumatism, without any indication of inflammation in the
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of them were several inches in length. The glands of Peyer, how-
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fever with influenza, and drowned by the effusion of serum into the
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facts as shall lead to the careful determination of the pathological
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breath is accompanied with a deep groan, and an exclamation about
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not to disturb the eschars. Any bleeding point is seized with forceps and
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coagula within the vein, which coagula become softened down, and
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ing at night on the deck of the ship in the open air. The captain
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which places, heretofore insalubrious, have been rendered otherwise
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because it is expensive ; is easUy broken, particularly in transporta-
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absence also of bound HC1 is shown by the quantity of this acid required
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nects the separate parts of the body in close imion with itself*
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of any turning of the uterus around a transverse axis. It simply means
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organs, and tissues, and apparatuses, would be increased a thousand
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which were so abundant in the spleen of the patient previously
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active purgatives ; previous constipation ; worms ; retrocedent gout or
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absorption, and of depletion in promoting it, point at once to the
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errrestedj and the malarial poison removed or diminished*


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