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dnties to his patients, and to request some of his professional

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before the lancet was applied the perspiration stood in large drops

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justify the expense of making entirely new plates for these portions of

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appeared to consist principally of the coloring matters.

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peculiar to all. Their onset was always marked by loss of muscular power, by

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in length, commencing about one inch below the vertex, passing

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has made a study of nine cases of diphtheria treated with antitoxin in which

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pressing the brain, or any pax^t of the nervous system. Epilepsy

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684. The principal causes of diminished frequency, on the other

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suddenly starts from his bed, rushes to the open window for air, and

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tion of acetic acid. Mucus presents similar microscopic appearances,

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pillary circulation ; promote the introduction and distribution of oxy-

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and on the labia of the female, small patches of false membrane, or of


attack commenced with a prolonged chilly feeling, followed in the

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bright, sharply defined eosin-stained areas of various shapes and sizes,

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The operative procedures that have been employed in epilepsy may be

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able force to tear it asunder, it cut toughly under the knife, and

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minal aorta it may thrust up the diaphragm, and give rise to dyspnoea,

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but Dr. S. M. Worts, of Hudson, Lenawee County, reports it as

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is certainly advantageous to a patient to be treated by a medical man

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modification of the malarial poison, and the destruction of the nox-

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stimulants in certain diseased conditions is one of extreme importance,

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prove successful. In my own experience, the nitrate of potash has

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Causes. — The common causes of inflammation ; acrid diuretics ;

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cases of malarial fever where there is a dry hot skin, dry red

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brilliancy up to the second week in October ; it was nearest to the

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nervous phenomena, manifested either in an excess or deficiency

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failed entirely, as uterine rupture threatened during the attempt. One of

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The serum of uninoculated sheep was found to he unfavorable for the

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upon the propriety of the presentation and reference to the Com-

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866. There are certain conditions of system in which it is expe-

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temperature becomes general, and we have the phenomena called /ever.


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