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contractility. But this variation, whilst it impairs the value of the
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tilts the ribs outwards, expands the lungs, so that their anterior edges
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caries from vending quack or secret medicines, or from being ia
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animals a little superior in the scale, which are not dissimilar to the oerebfal
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most severe form, or of nephritis — viz., pain in the loins, extending to
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well-built English seaman, who had been exposed to the malarious
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the prolonged effect upon the frame is seen in the fonn and features of
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istence of man be dependent upon the adjustments of the solar
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instrument of the function, is more or less affected ; we are necessarily led to
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sphere. It is greater during the day than during the same number of
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1 Hermann Eichhorst : Handbuch der speciellen Pathologie und Therapie, Band III, s. 600.
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osteitis, periostitis, and inflammations of the plantar fascia and joints that
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those of an inflammatory or febrile character. This loss of appetite,
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much fiiTiiness of flesh, with harshly-expressed outlines of the person,
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injuries. In attempting to explain this condition Dr. Knapp has gone
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There is a good deal of pus. It has increased very much since last
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extremity of the sternum, occupying a part or the whole of the
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That there is a specific microbe of syphilis, the local presence of
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full alphabetical indexes of all the names to be made, the whole to be
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to be enforced in persons who have suffered, or seem liable to suffer,
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opium. In hcemoptysis, the dilute mineral acids (Acidi sulphurici dil.
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diseased side. When the effusion is not very considerable, segophony,
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86. (^e') Treatment. — A correct diagnosis, a knowledge of the nature
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