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of having served the office of Clinical Clerk in the Jledical Wards
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ing from fever ; and tlie idea could not be entertained when such means
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hands of Dr. Gee and Dr. Wickham Legge, the Demonstrators. The
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Here, then, we have traced the lead to its source. The man works
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was well nourished. There was no cedema. The upper border of the
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sembled those of Dr. Laycock 's patient ; but in Glenton the case was
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the rapidity with which death had followed. In the first case, the
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the extent of damage done to the structure of the organ ; it may, how-
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lions of times more certain than that the sun will rise again to-morrow.
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freely and with less laceration of the surrounding soft parts, especially
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wedged between the tibia and fibula, penetrating the calf It was very
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shelter, or medical comforts ; and he had been despatched instantly by
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you in these more important offices. {Applause.^ Truly there has been
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quent expressions of that opinion, and concurrent eflforts to aid in bringing about
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"I will commence a subscription with £y^\ and my friend. Dr. Stocker, has
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vagina in a patient in her sixth month of utero-gestation. The opera-
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place in the romantic valley of the Semoy. The barracks of the Bel-
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widely followed. It is very well to water wide streets and large tho-
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may be kept in check. Men who eat a great deal, and even a great
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parish] ; but I am apprehensive that an over\veening self-confidence may have led
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the encroachments of unauthorised quacks. This, too, had long been
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remedied by this Bill. [Cries a/ " .Yo."] Everybody who studied the
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communication concerning the climate, etc., of WDrthlng.
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at all in order this evening. [App/ause.] If we are to discuss now
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attended the following courses at an University, or at a Medical School
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He happened to be President of the Metropolitan Counties Branch;
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for the relief of the sick and wounded in the present war, I shall begin
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years, and the patient is apparently dying from tlie supervention of a
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clauses so stringent that no legislature would pass them, and no public
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