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are produced; interrupt, counteract their co-efficiency, and the

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centage of urea present before labor to be 1.4. After labor, in healthy

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which sometimes follows violent and long-continued exercise is another

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may have predisposed the brain and nervous systems to derange-

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even disappear. In the rabbit it seems that the cord lesions precede those of

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carotid and other large arteries. This bellows sound is very rarely

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that these nodules, which are found most often along the portal spaces,

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on mortal man, provided that man is a devotee of medicine, who

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the laws regulating the practice of physic and surgery in the

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and chest ; cutaneous affections of the scalp and face.

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to particular diseases, or to a peculiar character attaching to all the

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disease sometimes spreads along the course of the absorbents from one

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in the state of body in which they are administered, stimulants being

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Rationale. — Injury to the fifth pair of nerves by disease, com-

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relation of sulfonal to hsematoporphyrin, various observers having shown that

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In an article on the neglect of suppurative ear disease, Erskine {Glasgow

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sleeplessness, the first degree of plethora, and exciting passions and

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pressure, and favors degenerative structural change in the organs of the body

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>' London Medico-Ckirurgical Transactions, vol. yiii. p. 287.

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existing causes of irritation. When these are removed, if the disease

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eases, — the sanguine, to acute inflammation and active haemorrhage ;

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many of these bayous, and a considerable surface of many of these

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higher than at any other time ; and in the course of the night gradu-

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tongue is dry and coated, the bowels constipated or relaxed, and the

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from solid and irritating matters which has been insisted upon in the

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efiects of the malarial poison, would not have proved fatal.

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exercise, may be cited. Important is the administration of an intestinal

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Principles of Treatment rased upon these Orservations.

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to be not only independent in their own existence of all other

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5. The sanguine temperament is characterised by moderate plump-

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matter is, however, easily ascertained, either by the discoveiy of

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mation. It consists of a passive enlargement of those vessels, unac-

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able to call exercise a narcotic, because the exhaustion which it pro-

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Prognosis. — Unfavourable in persons advanced in life. Less

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tion? so is tetanus. Does the external wound in hydrophobia

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later histories of some of the patients revealed tubercular lesions, Eichhorst

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little pain, little tolerance of loss of blood, no increase of fibrin, and


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