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^nd essential principle of the gastric juice should be supplied. If

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The alterations in the actions of the capillary and general circu-

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the scarcely diminished propepsin into the active ferment, readily accomplished by the ad-

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in the treatment of acute nephritis, Dr. Christison recommends

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alleviation of symptoms. Extreme and general tenderness of the

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blood becomes seriously altered, and life itself is compromised. A

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l>e deposited in the heart and bloodvessels during life in malarial

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17. Hereditary predispositions to certain diseases are also of very

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perform, nevertheless, muscular movements which can be In no other way excited

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the fit, with the exception of the sprinkling with cold water ; and we

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dermatitis; alopecia areata; and tinea versicolor. This fasciculus, like

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SY^iPTOiiS. — The symptoms of inflammation are — I. Local. II.

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Treatment, — That proper to anaemia and cachexia combined.

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and much lauded, although perhaps its only advantage is that it does

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Another interesting lecture is that upon tuberculosis in the child, par-

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Quinine, or the tonic infusions, may be prescribed in the lesser degrees

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crease toward the end of this stage, it is necessary to go to the third stage.

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is the direct result of unhealthy constitution of the blood, starts

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sweat, which resembles bloody serum, and stains his clothes and


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