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The followiDg observations are based upon a careful examination
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be said to have been first present. The history of the case by reveal-
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Here it may be advisable to make a remark as to what is to be
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of tartar-emetic to an ounce of lard. In cases of extreme tenderness,
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III. The mechanical effects of the inflammation and effusion can be
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above heads. Those forms of headache produced by the action of the
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mouth in new-born infants disposes it to become the seat of erythe-
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§ 4. In consultations, the physician in attendance should deliver
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Varieties. — Each epidemic of fever differs somewhat from another.
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riation^ or Parts to be feparated, ;<«r« La^^h^
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this problem, arising about a handful of mariners, may be compre-
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13th, 11 o'clock A. M. The medicine operated freely. Has takes
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Sometimes there is an absence of the pulse at the wrist, of one or of
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I. The first indication is fulfilled by abstinence from animal food,
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We need, moreover, to recollect that digestive disturbances must neces-
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of the malarial poison. The changes of the blood in the liver are
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sufficient saliva is obtained to moisten the litmus paper. ToogiKr
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drium and back, occurring in severe paroxysms, with intervals of com-
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with various symptoms of hysteria, with cough, and sometimes with
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out hope that the day may come when science shall show us how
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sufferings. In fatal cases, death is often preceded by delirium, and
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fection, is equally susceptible to the various forms. The infections which
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of the respiratory passages which occasion rebellious cough. This mani-
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swollen, the swelling of the foot was less, the urine was bloody. Five minims
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the physical forces, heat and electricity, and the nervous force, de-
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over the face and head ; an emetic ; a full dose of opium or lau-
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a stationary temperature both in the hand and under the tongae^
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Orthmann (Berliner klin. Wochenschrift, 1895, No. 7) reports fifty cases
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blood vessels, are poured into tubes fitted for their reception and dis-
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Army and Navy, shall be appointed by the Chiefs of the Armj
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real position than retro-position. Retrocession carries with it no idea
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