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increase of pressure or diminution of heat. It is perfectly elastic, and the particles
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set forth. An Appendix to the volume contains therapeutic sugges-
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to be not only independent in their own existence of all other
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membrane opalescent in a few spots. Bloodvessels of pia mater
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Present condition. A fairly well-nourished boy, a little pale in the
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are the only remedies of any value which the physician has it in his
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improper treatment of the primary acute tympanic inflammation. If
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Repeated applications of alcohol, or a mild solution of bichloride of
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Treasury; but notwithstanding the inducements to possess copies,
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ciation, Mr. Du Bois, Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the Uni-
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and scarcely felt by the hand, and the sounds indistinct. The pulse
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fourth to one-thirteenth of their original weight The loss in the
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much more readily and rapidly. The sulphate of quinia appears
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After a short time, one of the men raised his hand repeatedly to his
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functions of the lungs being entirely suspended by the arrest of the
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next annual meeting, provided that no medical teacher be selected
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The spleen of an American^ who died from the formation of heart-
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Medical News, January 13, 1894, p. 48), (Diagram No. 14), and in the
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Head. — When the skull-cap was removed, the dura mater pre-
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appropriated by every scientific physician from St, Petersburgh to
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uterine sutures must be permanent. 2. Several sutures should be used, two
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but such symptoms should never be treated by nerve sedatives only.
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nephritis and "mixed" nephritis. This pathological anatomical study is required just as
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extremities, with a sensation of stif&ess and heaviness, numbness,
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enough to double him up, but of late years it has not been so intense,


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