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upon the skin. Tongue red but moist and soft ; blisters have draws

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much altered bile, resembling that so often found in the gall-bladder

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exact correspondence to the degree of purgation ; the substratum of in-

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blowing through a pipe into soap and water. It is present in pul-

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Hutchinson's instiTiment, the patient should be in the erect posture,

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hot turpentine, or antimonial ointment : depletion in such cases is

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severe forms, however, the cellular membrane is implicated, when the

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tions. The mutual relations of these systems were established by

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mercury in any form ; nor can I possibly believe that either he or

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Law of South Carolina^ in relation to the Registration of

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intestines. The more important conclusions arrived at by these

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is an instance of a general phenomenon ; whilst physiological phe-

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sound and successful practice, are not the only qualifications for it.

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and more sudden appearance of the eruption, and by the greater severity

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posited in various directions, in a condition and under circum-

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increased dyspnoea, flushed countenance and bright eye ; headache,

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B. — Sulph. of quinia gr. v every three hours, up to gr. xx.

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On the Cause and Increase of Grime and its Mode of Punishment. —

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Prophylaxis. — Temperate habits ; the obsei-vance of the rules of

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plication of a few leeches over the part affected, and the assiduous use

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cough; pains about the chest; rheumatic pains in the back, neck,

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applied to the right iliac region, are unquestionably capable of affording

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blood. 2d. As it does not control animal heat, so it cannot induce those remark-

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As a result of this review he finds that, though a good many cases are

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mortality-rate of mothers and children of 33 for 200 cases.


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