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treatment satisfactory. It may last, it is true, for some days despite our

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characterised, in most instances, at an early period of the fever, by a

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become more frequent, and increase in hardness and sharpness, the

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third;. Infection with three groups of the parasite is associated with daily

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A Fatal Case op Excision of the Gasserian Ganglion.

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within a month from the time of admission seemed quite well, though

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other parts are motionless, the eyelids vibrate rapidly, and especially

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of lead in combination with opium ; copious libations of cold water.

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being almost the only ones. I have not seen a single case of fever,

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is doubtful whether any benefit is derived from their use.

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after its leading complications in particular epidemics — Bilious ;

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peripheral nerves and their end-plates are not to be recognized as analogous

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not by any means prove that the remission or intermission of m-

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{Pectoral fremitus ; perceptible to the touch in many parts of the

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rose during the two days following until it reached 105.8° F., when the

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discover any pathological changes of the cerebro-spinal nervous

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different circumstances. The chief causes which affect the duration of

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ftrrived at it ; and that no one deduction can be denied, without denying aU the

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of the spinal ligaments. Also from pressure on the descending aorta.

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nal Abortion, be requested to continue their labors, and especially

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mass, and a gamboge-yellow in thin layers. The bile oontaioed

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exposed life ; had had a chancre two years previous to his coming under

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assumes a peculiar brightness, and the pupil is dilated. The pulse is

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