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severe cases there is well-marked fever, hot and dry skin, thirst, and
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Percussion over this swelling is flat. Fluctuation is present in the
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ing viscus ; rupture of a blood-vessel. The fluid is either poured out
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from TY\x to TTLxx three or four times a-day. In either case the
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sugar, or forty-seven of gas to forty-five of sugar. Hence the quan-
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and purpura came out over the instep and first phalanges of the toes.
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much greater degree than before immigration, or than parallel
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769. Such are the eflfects of stimuli given in moderate quantity ;
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29th. Within the past twenty-four hours a large patch of purpuric
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Diagnosis. — Difficult in certain cases, and apt to be confounded
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In discussing the performance of this operation at the time of labor, the
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finger, a whiteness of some part of the tumour, and, finally, purulent
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might have been forty, of whom seven died. Its commencement was marked by
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community, is everywhere acknowledged by medical men.
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Orthmann (Berliner klin. Wochenschrift, 1895, No. 7) reports fifty cases
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chaska believed that the ganglia of the sympathetic system were
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rhages from the stomach are often periodical, bearing a close relation to
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appearances of compression of the brain. When reaction occorred,
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capillary embolism. He is not satisfied that any specific bacillus is the
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tude of his judgment, he should, when left in the minority, politely
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sity, sickly seasons are not necessarily characterized by a higher
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skin, the feeble circulation in the capillaries of the extremities, the
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measures must be carefully avoided ; but leeches in small numbers
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Prognosis. — Generally unfavourable, but more so when it is of


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