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grains of the fii'st, three of the second, and five of the third), taken

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two classes the elimination of lime salts increases equally under the adminis-

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a time have been re-established. Only isolated instances in which this

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Sec. 5. It shall be the duty of the clerk or registrar of each of the towns,

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percentage of reduced haemoglobin was, however, always present.

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Now all these are causes of consumption, and the consumption may

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ently forgotten how to chew, and only swallows soft and liquid food.

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tion to the rapidity or slowness of the circulation ; but remarkable

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tobacco, sulphate of zinc, ipecacuanha, squills, &c., and the whole

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The bed from which the specimens were removed presented a number

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Willis' and Yieussens' acknowledged the general relatioDS of

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admissible. Walking on level ground is, in such cases, the strongest

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K. Bowling, Tenn. ; Chas. Fishback, Ind. ; John Bell, Penn. ;

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this country, " a man having issue born alive" is entitled to the

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bitter, does not gripe, and DOES THE WORK . Try it yourself, and

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care. Knowing his theories regarding the motor and the sensory areas,

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knowledge of the pathology of this condition, that capillary bronchitis

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upon emphysema of the lungs, contributed by the author to Reynold's

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1. Umbilical hernias of the newborn if strangulation occurs, or if persistent

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but never so since. Mr. Hacket, on the other side, denies the efficacy

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showed weakness of the voluntary muscles ; temporary loss of strength

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8th. Has returned. Pulse 120; skin hot and dry; respiration

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of the attacks of anaemia it ceased, and had been irregular since, the

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