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the fibrous capsules of the livers were torn off from the surface of
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Eleven days after the abstraction of the blood, he took a sudden
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already pointed out, directly upon the fibres of the heart, and thus
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respect Here we have 10.011 free persons of color, or about one
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covering them was marked with dilated bloodvessels. One of the tumors,
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urine became scanty and albuminous, and showed a few blood-corpuscles
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sented nothing abnormal to the naked eye, or to the touch.
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have forced upon my mind the conclusion that, so far as these Asp-
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cation of stimuli, independent of the brain and spinal cord. It has
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set this disease aside, and the subsequent history of the case was con-
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according to the amount of eruption, but generally towards the end of
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cannot be immediately terminated, they should be referred to th«
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Skin hot, but moist, and relaxed. Bespirations 24, full, thoraek.
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features of the case were the continuous delirium, the great depression,
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In the present case, sinapisms, blisters, cut cups, and purgatives,
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of a visit to the beautiful inland city in which it is located— a city
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than the circulation through it of blood containing the poison, and the
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second day Mader found physical signs of pneumonia in the left base. The
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rature of the wet bulb thermometer and that of the air is often 20^
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with some degree of dyspnoea. These symptoms would accompany or
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definitely formed from blood in motion, and long before death, we
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great caution, and only when tlie pulse, during the fit, is full and hard.
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motions, peculiar to coughing, are made with more rapidity and violence
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the contraction of the ventricles, and the second sound to the reaction
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those who had died from various diseases, as phthisis pulmonalis,
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pericardial cavities also showing signs of exudate. The face, trunk, and ex-
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These facts explain the nature of the so-called critical discharges
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80 often present in the severe cases of remittent fever , are^ as a general
paper entitled " Observations on some of the Changes of the Solids
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number of cubic centimetres of T K T HC1 were added to 10 of the
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the issue is one of great moment, the dispenser becomes a most important party.
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wind-vane, noting both the direction and estimated force; 4th. Of
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diminished the apparant congestion of the brain temporarily, but
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Perhaps no two physicians would agree perfectly in making such
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intermittent pulse. In some patients, flatulence is always followed


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