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m,unitut und SrJiutzimpfung, 1892; also Centralb. f. Bakt. vi. 1889, Nos. 18-20. — 58.

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had nothing to do ; but he compared one part of the same brain with

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most comfortable is Curschmann's : it consists of half a globe of metal,

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and B«r Inllrmary, and of attending a course of lectures on the diseases of the eye.

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current it responds in an altered Avay, viz., the contractions at closing

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J. W. Moore. Brit. Med. Journal for 1886, vol. i. p. 1216.-61. Hayes. Ibidem.

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spasm. So hard and fast a statement of what happens in fever was

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which is always more or less impaired by the mechanical obstruction of

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of degeneration. The cessation of an epidemic is due to a weaken-

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cent of cases, and in a larger proportion of female patients ; the cervical

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belief in some parts of the world. It was dimly perceived by many older

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be changed in a few moments. Salt water is not necessary for the

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restore it in an increased degree. So too it is common for a trigeminal

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liable to contract diphtheria; whereas there is no corresponding liability

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The treatment outlined for these neuralgias may serve to indicate the

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tion and swelling, and eventually, in acute inflammation, disappear.

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blood serum removed from the body acts far more rapidly and energeti-

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whole new oral pole, provided with tentacles, will branch out from the

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celebrated botanist Brown, of organized molecules in fluid matter, de-

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the epiglottis, aryepiglottic folds, and arytenoids. This oedema always

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fluence in healing solutions of continuity in the skin and mucous mem-

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which may be included under the terms degeneration and regeneration

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Ascending to the Worms, we find that the protective agency devolves

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been needlessly sacrificed by inattention to or inappreciation of matters

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ridge. — 4. Bernard, C. Physiologic Generale ; Les pitenomeiies de lavie. — 5. Pavy.

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result, viz., identity of temperature. It need scarcely be said that though

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that bacillus; conversely, any morbid process accompanied by this

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(Quebec, Oct. 20, 1837. 1 remain, sir, your obt. servt.

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tion of the poison and the manifestation of serious and characteristic

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1. The best and only certain means of protecting infants frou) cholera

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a small safety pin at each corner. The top sheet and each blanket should

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Warm towels and wrapping in a blanket are desirable after hot baths,

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patients. I suppose this good fortune was diie to the fact that our cases


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