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stance of the cheek, which was dead and disorganized to a consider-

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Persons who suffer from spinal irritation are also very liable to

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membrane of the ileum, for about nine feet. The bloodvessels

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sallow complexion ; looks as if his liver was out of order. Says

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thick, resinous bodies of the taste and odor of moistened mescal. It may be

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it is intermittent, and in such c^ses the diagnosis is more difficult

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puncture of the tumour, the discharge of the fluid, and the extraction

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dium and loose cellular membrane connected with it.

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astringent medicines should be prescribed, such as the mineral acids,

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York Medical College have conferred the degree of Doctor of

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an inch and three-eighths in its greatest extent, and was three-quarters

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point of the spinal marrow. The great sympathetic must, therefore, have its origia

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part; the urine depositing a sediment; diminished frequency of respi-

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ling, and all gymnastic exercises and active games, belong to the first

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digested diet, and the employment of iron in full doses, she greatly im-

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there is a threatening of local inflammation, tartar-emetic must be

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common in their physical characters. Dr. Carswell divides carcinoma

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puigatives (senna, rhubarb, and aloes) ; the strong acrid purgatives

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condition known as paralytic convergent squint or abducens paralysis."

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pounds, or those which furnish the lime-salts of the bones. Hence after the

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sical properties ; its serum, instead of being translucent, presented

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respecting Louisville and other cities, will, we think, not be ques-

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same thing happens in some cases of subacute inflammation, which

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dull, lethargic state of the intellectual faculties, but not for the

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sional identity of the mistakes made by the regular and irregular

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and even one of the layers of the intestinal canal. Cellulose, or


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