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The heart presented no uniform pathological alterations which

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bro-Spinal Sclerosis, and only a little more than four pages to Anterior

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and, therefore, left only its effects to be corrected f If the former, surely nothing

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laries of the area and their subsequent migration into the dead cells.

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and can be distinctly heard oyer the upper wards of the hospital.

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neuralgic pains in the extremitiee ; they frequently occasion coma, apoplexy, hy-

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or, where both parties are members of the Medical Society of their

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demning the act of producing abortion, at every period of gestation,

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Some idea of the agency of heat in the phenomena of our globe

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pneumonia, blood may be taken away in small quantities by leeches

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of the entire subject as to be able to preserve the proper relation of themes

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sustained by the unwary from the devices and pretensions of aitfol

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of matter is discharged during a fit of coughing, and this is followed by

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attacked with chill and fever, which aseanied the remittent type after

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A valuable and interesting chapter is devoted to Headaches and the

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formations found in the liver of those who have died of typhoid fever.

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the pain in his head. He is unable to give a coherent answer.

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opium. In hcemoptysis, the dilute mineral acids (Acidi sulphurici dil.

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Diseases of the right side chiefly affect the venous circulation,

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during thirty-six hours' exposure to the oxygen of the atmosphere.

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eagerness. The intense excitement continuing, and all the peculiar

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a coincident improvement in our sanitary condition has been wit-

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210. By far the largest proportion of these excretions, and conse-

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A. M., when the nurse administered a mixture of milk, lime-waten

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Case VII. — T. P., aged seventy-three years, was admitted to my care,

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very hot ; extremities only moderately warm. Complains of pain

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transferred in the liver or elsewhere into urobilin. The sulfonal probably

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a muddy or brown color, and sometimes an oily appearance.


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