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sionally born with congenital tuberculosis, as has been conclusively

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mony, in composition, all which operated freely. The breath was

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In malarial fever the blood-corpuscles are altered and destroyed

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occurred without purpura. In the remarkable family which I described

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a time have been re-established. Only isolated instances in which this

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average number in health. In these cases, it is true the number of

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the artery at the wrist elastic and full of tone, with a loss of elasticity

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2dy 12 o'clock M. Tongue moist and clean, redder than normal.

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in the size of the cavities, and in the strength of the parietes, of the

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this which induced the present Editor to undertake the

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selves are modified in detail by the difference in the point of ob-

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singular mottled appearance. At a distance it presented a light

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of the harm likely to result from any interference with it. In adults,

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■ The following quotations from the elaborate work of Lobstein upon the Strue*

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on Tuesday evening, Oct. 19th, at 7 o'clock P. M., for the purpose

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almost immediately diminished, and the dry and parched skin was

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cerebral and spinal nerves with the vohmtazy muscles." — ^pp. 92-93.

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require a less careful attention to the state of the secretions than the

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severe cases there is well-marked fever, hot and dry skin, thirst, and

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vigorous subjects, active and prompt treatment is still more necessary

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terest ; thus in one instance a patient, whose urine showed streptococcus,

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