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The nitric or nitro-muriatic acid, has been frequently of great use
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Yellow Fever to the &ct of hemorrhage from the uterus following
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bloodvessels were filled with blood, and distinct. Bloodvessels of
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often prove a sufficient remedy, though it may occasionally be necessary
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frequency, merit attention ; as the full or deep, the small or feeble,
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* "Jn reflecting upon the nature of intermittent ferers, I hare thought that it
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topically, as a prophylactic against diphtheria. The throats were painted
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rapid respiration, and corresponding equalization and elevation of
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rience proves that a diet consisting exclusively, or almost exclusively,
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congestive chills and congestive fever are classed with intermittent
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the lymphatic glands in syphilis, plague, and glanders, and as a con-
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to the larynx and trachea ; acute pain in the ear, with deafness ; the
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cow, for other food in infants brought up by hand ; by fresh and pure
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coughed up a little blood, and one day his nose bled. With each attack
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In several cases the hepatic ducts were isolated and treated
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" But, whether these principles of diagnosis be admitted or not, it is presumed
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although the paroxysms naay for a time be checked with quinine,
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consideration ; and have consulted among themselves as much as
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as the kidney was found to be so largely uninvolved by the growth. It
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usually printed. Craniectomy, which would mean excision of the skull,
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and not infrequently they come through the ischiatic notch and appear in
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chairmen of committees on epidemics with extra oopies of their
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When the black blood from the large venous trunks was exposed
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having returned from the western part of Pennsylvania on the 10th
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which are to be seen scattered plentifully throughout the section, and in
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Eermte Causes. (Causae evidentes). — All constant antecedents of
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liver, in the brain, or in more than one of the principal viscera. The bilioos mod^
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give reason for suspecting the existence of this disease. In certain in-
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721. In making use of these, as well as of the less important
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mach appeared to be normal. There were no marks of inflamma-
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deposits present the same histological structure as the primary disease, and
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then more copious, of a white glairy appearance, resembling white of
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have been withheld, I have seen the patient die from complete ex-
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and results, chemical, physical, physiological, and pathological, have
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nals and monographs easy of access. My purpose in this paper has been


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