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chronic bronchitis, or winter cough of aged persons. Infants at the
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and casein are merely modifications, and the further discovery that
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and repulsions," and advanced the hypothesis "that chemical and electrical
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ammon. acet. in doses of an ounce, three or four times a-day.
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Diagnosis. — From hoemoptysis, by the blood being vomited, not
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to post-mortem findings. The application of the stomach tube to diag-
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that in this case, as in others previously examined, microorganisms have
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Joam. Med. Sciences, Jan., 1845, p. 183. M. Constantino James, "On the
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L24, very feeble; respiration, 28; tongue, dry, hard, and rough,
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urinary downpour ; the amount of urine frequently becomes three or four pints.
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ment of the air, there are others which arise f'l'om processes of manu-
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than in the southern. In the mining counties, the grape culturists have, as a
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oversusceptible, unstable, nervous system. This case, less interesting
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upon local causes, coincides with, or follows quickly upon, the signs
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Werth (Archiv fur Gynakologie, Band xlix. Heft 3) has made by far the
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gratuitous services ; but neither institutions endowed by the public
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festation on the mode of life (hygiene) of the inhabitants. The
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and stimulants, will also in rare instances serve as means of diagnosis.
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to as many months or years. The symptoms of this period of incu-
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infantile death-rate of 29 T y tT per cent. He calls attention to the fact that
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distinct and elevated than usual, but pale and not congested and
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various organs, under the existence of an intermitting fever. And here we find
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Here we must not only select such remedies as effectually remove the
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therefore left with a packing of iodoform gaUze in it, the flap returned, and an
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We can easily understand, then, that if there be any microbes of
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aperient, for several days, or one or two weeks, after the disappearance
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urine is affected by so many varied external and internal condi-
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This Register is to be transmitted, monthly, to the ''Commissioner of Patents,
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The nervous and organic systems are correspondingly simple in
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errrestedj and the malarial poison removed or diminished*


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