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ness, accompanied by depression or collapse, or to narcotism. In the

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of gastric disorder lactic acid might be present in the stomach in small

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observed pulses of very low frequency in women, viz., one of 36 and

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7 o'clock P. M. The action of the blister has been only tempo-

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in the two sexes ; it increases up to about twenty years of age, and

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characters ; sometimes resembling puerile respiration in an intense

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base and dependent portions of the brain were more distended with

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lence present, and relief is only afforded by free eructation. Cause. —

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has had 85 per cent. Kocher believes that the suture material should be not

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unhealthy prior to this period, has ever since maintained the high

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809. There is, indeed, one case in which the action of remedies in

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the menstrual function, and in women labouring under diseases of the

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much reliance on the phenomenon as a sign of pre-existing inflammation

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The following table presents the results obtained by Andral and

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Kidneys normal in size and structure. Blood had settled in die

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of the notion of a year and month, and the fixation of the year and

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directly or through the circulation. They excite those organs to the

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elevated temperature; the circulation in the superficial capillaries

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The drug is not a direct diuretic per se, but it may act indirectly to a slight

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hiccup, cold sweats, great anxiety, palnfal cramps of the extremities,

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elastic ; the bowels are costive ; and dysuria is sometimes present.

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The fixed saline constituents were principally the phosphates.

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group has not attracted special attention from English and American

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Urine passed this morning high colored. Urine passed during

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Thus pathogenic germs which are successfully escaping from the ear

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of the body, but particularly on the nervous system.

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minutes to several hours. Frequently complete aphasia, lasting several

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by three different authors, lack of proportion is unavoidable and repeti-

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8d, 1 o'clock F. M. Has apparently taken a change for the worse.

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forenoon. Free escape of stained cerebro-spinal fluid, wetting dressings.

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Child had two mild spasmodic attacks of usual character during night.

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acted several times, and is still acting. Pulse, 94 ; respiration, ^

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ation of the exterior of the chest, and interior surface of the ribs,

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— perimetritis, metritis, and hypertrophy of the portio, the giving way of

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persons, in the enjoyment of good health, and free from any other

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the semi-erect position, and with constant reference to the effect pro-

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vessels of pia mater filled with blood. Bloody serum was effused


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