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quite sufficiently numerous to enable valid conclusions to be

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nerves on tlie left side. (From a ijbotogr.iph hy ilr. Alan Hare, of

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could not chow his food His food has collected on the right side of the

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veins from slipping down and becoming displaced after the wearer

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Mr. Peidham said there were only three points he wished

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from typhoid fever. He remarks that Belfast has a bad preeminence

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justified in goiug to the expense of constructing the hospital.

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hood of one of the local tribes. The pituri plant, a specimen

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cessfully and more promptly than the patient or anyone else

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of the District, will take the chair. A paper will be read by Mr. C. B.

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patient was lying in bed, but they were easily elicited when

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take the fi a-m of a presentation portrait to Dr. Redfern, to be

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has reported, and the report has been adopted at a special

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In Shanghai, where the residents are accustomed to cold

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caused so little disturbance of the general health as not to be

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December, 1865. A man was brought to the workhouse, and

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once almost normal, with a variation of 1° between morning

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was removed from the fungus, and the latter's relationship to

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appearances or morbid anatomy of the disease. In certain

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Wallis-Bovul.— On the llth of April, at St. Paul's. Grove Park West, by

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Mr. Fbeeb (Birmingham) narrated a case of pneumonia in

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meeting was held, under the presidency of Dr. B. W. Richard-

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man, London ; G. C. still, MB., Shep bed; Dr. H R. Speui-er, Loudon;

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accede thereto and thereby ignore the principle so distinctly laid down

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■fay the American Government to examine the condition of

nasonex blood pressure, Hugo De Dreux. M.A., M.B.Edin., appointed Medical Officer to the

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The incubation period of mumps is generally said to be 2

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The space below the stalls contains an accumulation of

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decidedly worse, and was thought to he dying. The abdomen

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Oitij PrfSA, "made the other day, in the course of conversation, a very

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polymorphous erythema is illustrated by two plates. These

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" Now, a passage occurs on page rvii, line 4, of the Papyrus, which can


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