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tion must be examined microscopically before an opinion as to the

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the legislatures of their respective States, and that the President

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employment, especially in uterine surgery. Hemorrhage and foul discharges

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near 100 parts in the 1000 parts of blood. The fixed saline con-

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may pomf at the lower part of the back itself, at any part of the

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of which, a case of undoubted phthisis, the pulse was only 64 in

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After a variable, and often a considerable, period, the violence of the

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the organs, and tissues, and apparatus. The impossibility of answer-

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found the pulses that beat 49, 66, and 72 times respectively at Cha-

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occurs. Many cases of this form of uraemic fever are recorded, but I

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cacum and lower portion of the right kidney ; the left, the sigmoid

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above set forth — we have hereunto set our names.

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675. Sleep. — The pulse falls considerably in sleep. In Quetelet's

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circumstances, medical men are peculiarly dependent upon each

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There is a form of puerperal fever of occasional occurrence, and

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injected eye ; hurried breathing and quickened action of the heart in Tiolent KDgm

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may indicate as necessary : and especially of modelling the annual

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* Fabricius attempts foR^ething of this Kind in a Letter to

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that his services are no longer desired. Under such circumstanoei,

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[The curves given by the authors from cases treated in 1891 do not show

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brought to bear upon human beings at every period of their existence.

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with its usual force. In the first case, there is generally some source

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Complications. — Bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, followed by

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tendency to prescribe this combination, we offer it in the form of Powder,

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this country, my colleagues. Professors Lewis D. Ford' and L. A.

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phasized the necessity of differentiating infraglottic stenosis. The hypo-

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798. The first class of remedies (tartar-emetic, mercury, arsenic,

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the evacuations slimy and sour smelhng, or highly offensive, dark,

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ity is usually affected, and often profoundly so. In consequence of which,


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