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a distance, and at the first glance, it resembled a patch of moist
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of the last rib, a portion of which was then seen to be necrotic. It
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many cases pneumonia can be surmised after examination of the con-
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improvement occurred. Somewhat later abscesses formed in the scapular
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were sharp and clear all round. There was no evidence of peritonitis.
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by taking away the Town Council representatives and adding four
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of a massive gold Pencil-Case, five inches long. The point of surgical
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Experience has not yet pronounced on these laboratory suggestions. The first test of
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the doctors, seeing my interest, would explain to me
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mammals behaves in birds, could we even attack the continually recur-
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not hold out for marriage, because the looseness of morality brings it
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was numbness in the foot, which passed off after a walk in the ward.
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our language if matters go on as at present. The conception of mater-
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tions. A thin shoe was apphed, with four nails, and the surgical
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vasti and gluteal muscles, soon extending to all the hind limbs, and
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had been in existence, but had long remained dormant or continued
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and milk. The evening temperature was 38"8° C, respirations 16,
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ever occurs. The cases seen are usually the consequence either of the
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the respirations ^1 ; the temperature 40'5'' C. (io4'9° F.). The
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"Though your sight is not so piercing as that of Lynceus, you will not
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lew hours' sleep, leaves the a-n-akened patient free from his disease,
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shows granular degeneration, is more or less swollen and softened,
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lead to the grave ! They are none the less bordered
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Suppuration in the hepatised parenchyma is undoubtedly due to
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was albuminous, but increased in quantity. Symptoms of ursemia now
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in the cases related by Bollinger, Nocard, Mollereau, Chelchowski,
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but this neither relieved the pain nor induced sleep. As there was a
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as sacrificial tribute by our modern Minos, Civic In-
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the numerous tendons, nerves, and bloodvessels passing over
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distinctly react to tuberculin, the pericardial disease is probably tuber-
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inch in diameter, from which blood oozed, was noticed at the upper
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by others, especially by Hell and Baumgarten. In i8go Hell under-
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of frequent lancinating pain. On examining the hoof the operative
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The part played by the circulatory and nervous apparatus in the
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dog dead of generalised chronic tuberculosis I found the epiploon had
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found that in the employment of water, aided by the clinical thermome-
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Physical Examination. — On listening to the chest a long time every-
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cular. Next was seen, stretching transversely across this opening, an


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