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greatly increased : thus the skin is dry in diarrhoea, diabetes, cholera,

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scarcely be otherwise explained, that HC1 has in certain cases a mark-

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of the constitution have been previously exhausted, the symptomatic

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and we must endeavour to arrest or diminish it by promoting absorp-

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of nothing, and manifested no striking phenomena until Sept. 3d,

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submitted a report written by Dr. Stober, of Boston, which was

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condition of the liver. The alteration^ of the color of the blood

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the other, or with widely-differing intensity, or in parts where it is

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people, to enable a physician to earn his living — obstetrical cases

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it. The same cause and effect have been observed by us in Lou-

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but after continuing in them some hours or days, it attacks fresh

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which are set up, and which take to themselves a general repre-

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exercise which travelling implies, should be insisted on ; and, where

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a comparison of the quantitative relations of the principal elements

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active stages of intermittent fever is silvery white, whilst the

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which is altered from a valuable abstract, by Mr. Neison, of the results

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the strongest and most abrupt a species of cooing soimd. The ear or

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that of the whole surface has reached the same degree in some cases of

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At the end of forty-eight hours from the first occurrence of rigors,

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SY^iPTOiiS. — The symptoms of inflammation are — I. Local. II.

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The author states that calcined bone placed in the soft parts, or even in the

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phenomena with the vital and intellectual and moral principles.

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slightest touch, and at length separate from the teeth, which become

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diminution of pressure or increase of heat, and of indefinite contraction under an

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Liver. — The normal reddish-brown color of the liver was changed

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of the disorder is much more frequent than in health, but as soon as

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of the action of the same forces of the sun which keep up a never

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water, the water permeates the bladder, mixes with the solution, and


have been confined almost exclusively to the mere physical altera-

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suddenly, the patient falling down without warning, as if from a

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gas, steam, mud, and melted lava from the craters of volcanoes, and by the earth-


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