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of the head also became very thin and of a softer texture, and changed its
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which the results were given under the head of the respiration,
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our frames indicated with such precision as to preclude the use of a
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neither does the bacteriology of pleurisy receive any consideration.
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that the moltitndinoas demands npon the time and attention of
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ammonia in different physiological and pathological states, and its
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Brandy and Bed Pepper may be applied to the surface with ad-
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oonfinned the views of Count Romford, by mtflting two pieoes of ice, rubbed agafaiii
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the question be finally settled by the discovery of the real microbe.
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Corrosive sublimate in solution is also a delicate test for albumen,
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either previous cauterization of the diseased surface or by constant irrigation
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jaw allied to neuralgia, is muriate of ammonia in half-drachm doses
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the stomach. In one, a male, aged fifty years, several examinations of
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lungs, which fill so large a part of the chest, leave an irregular space
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cause act with slight energy, or if the economy resist it, the destruc-
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common forms of fever. But these differences between different cases
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hours. Continue stimulants and infusion of snakeroot.
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and later 106.2° F. At the autopsy arterio-sclerotic kidneys, atheroma
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are simply neuralgic affections ; and these are generally relieved by
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about the uterus and the child removed, and the uterine incision closed
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the heart and the state of the vessels, excepting through the medium of the
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not so much, however, as to account for the cerebral symptoms
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clots and speedy death. When stimulants and Sulphate of Quinia
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enlarged, the impulse will be of less force, but of greater extent.
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The spleen of an Irish seaman^ who died ten days after the onset
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both because of what diverse symptoms refractive error may originate,
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456. It is usual to examine the blood after its abstraction by bleed-
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be broken through, for though strong aperients often give relief for
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employed in medicine. All of these under different names and
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during the summer months, revealed by the psychrometer. The
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Is evidence of fluid in the pleura, the trocar should be cautiously in-
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frequent and short, rising from 13 or 14 (the probable number in the
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and caused him to twist and squirm about in bed. A fresh crop of
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luxuries of the table ; suppression of usual evacuations ; intense study ;


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